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"The battlefields are silent now. The graves all look the same." -- Motorhead,Voices from the War

Garlick, Edward

First Sergeant

Company G

Born: May 8, 1846 (Chertsey, England) - historian Peter Russell has a copy of Garlick's birth certificate which lists his birthday as May 8, 1848

Died: January 25, 1931 (Sturgis, South Dakota)

Grave location: Bear Butte Cemetery, Sturgis, SD

Grave GPS Coordinates: N44 24.655 W103 29.728

He enlisted on February 3, 1866, in Company G, 11th Infantry at Richmond, Virginia. On December 6, 1866, he was transferred to Company G, 20th Infantry. He listed his previous occupation as laborer. He was honorably discharged as a corporal on February 3, 1869, upon expiration of service. He re-enlisted on April 14, 1871, at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri in Company G, 7th Cavalry, by Lt. Peter Vroom. He participated in the Yellowstone Expedition of 1873 and also the Black Hills Expedition of 1874. He was discharged on April 14, 1876, at Shreveport, Louisiana as a First Sergeant, upon expiration of service, with a notation of "unexceptionable character". His third enlistment was on April 14, 1876, at Shreveport by Lt. Donald McIntosh. He was granted four months furlough and went to England and returned to detached service. Because of his furlough, he did not participate in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He did participate in the 1877 Nez Perce Campaign and was in the Canyon Creek fight on September 13, 1877. He was discharged at Fort Meade on April 13, 1881, as a First Sergeant of excellent character. His fourth enlistment was on April 14, 1881 at Fort Meade. He was discharged on April 13, 1886, at Fort Keogh, Montana Territory, as a sergeant. His fifth enlistment was on April 14, 1886, and he was discharged on November 5, 1887, at Fort Riley, Kansas for disability. He was given a pension of $18 per month and this was later increased to $50 monthly in 1927.  Garlick married Elizabeth Hahn, widow of Henry Dose, G Company Trumpeter, who was killed during the Little Bighorn fight. They were married November 22, 1876, at Bismarck, Dakota. He had blue eyes, sandy hair, a light complexion, and was 6 feet 2 inches in height. He served as a mail carrier in Sturgis, SD for many years.

Headstone for Edward Garlick at Bear Butte Cemetery - Sturgis, South Dakota

Sergeant Garlick's son, Edward, is the driver of the car in this photo.  (Date Unknown)

Sergeant Edward Garlick

Edward and Elizabeth Garlick

Edward Garlick, Jr. (center), holding a horse near Sturgis, South Dakota. Date of photo is unknown. 

Finding Garlick - the gravesite of Edward Garlick at Bear Butte Cemetery in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Edward Garlick's 1886 Discharge Certificate (thanks to James Van Fleet, a Garlick relative, for sharing this with me)

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